Meet Andy, co-founder and maestro behind the scenes and your go-to guy for creating unforgettable moments! With over two decades of experience in the dynamic world of events and entertainment, Andy brings a wealth of expertise to the table.


His passion for service delivery is not just a job; it’s a calling. From orchestrating seamless events to curating laughter-filled experiences, Andy is on a mission to make people smile. With a knack for turning ordinary moments into extraordinary memories, he’s the driving force behind the magic at Ministry of Photobooths.



Meet the visionary behind the lens Joe, the creative force and co-founder of our enchanting venture, the Ministry of Photobooths. With a passion for capturing the essence of life’s most joyous moments, Joe embarked on this exhilarating journey into the world of Photo Booths.


Drawing from a background in photography, hair and fashion with a keen eye for detail, he envisioned a business that goes beyond the traditional, creating immersive experiences that bring people together in laughter and celebration. Joe believes in the power of photos to immortalise not just faces, but the genuine emotions that define special occasions.


Ministry of Photobooths is more than a business; it’s a testament to Joe’s commitment to turning events into unforgettable memories, one snapshot at a time. With a blend of creativity and dedication, Joe has crafted an oasis where joy, laughter, and the art of photography converge to elevate your events to extraordinary heights.

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